What do patients want from their sunglasses..? Protection? Yes. Style? Definitely. Comfort? Of course. Oh and style! Well the list is endless but one that as specialists we make sure the choice you make suits your face and your lifestyle. We have lost of styles to choose from including Ray Ban.

With all the sunny days seen recently in Glasgow, everyone is looking to grab their sunglasses. There have certainly been some interesting sights around indeed – but more on that later…

Sunglass Factors to consider: (sun cream factors are your own call…)


This is meant in regard to stopping UV light, the light that causes ageing skin (and the dreaded wrinkles!) but also the light that causes cataracts and degeneration. Larger styles, particularly those sunglasses which wrap around the face, will afford the most protection. It is important that you look for the kite mark to specify true, UV 400 protection from the rays. Our glasses are all chosen on this basis, so be safe and think about this factor when purchasing.


Sunglasses can be a last minute purchase before your holidays which results in uncomfortable, squint sunglasses which you have to keep pushing back up your nose (sound familiar?) A specialist like us will help you choose sunglasses which not only look great but also fit great. We will adjust your frame so that if fits perfectly and comfortably.

Types of lenses (all available prescription & Non-prescription)

Standard sunglasses (Mono Tint) are usually fitted with dark grey or brown lenses and have 25% light Transmission. Grey is neutral on colours and brown will change the colours of objects. It’s best to try and see which styles suits you and see how you feel in each colour.

Polarised lenses

Polarised lenses differ from ordinary lenses due to the interference patterns on the lenses which are designed to completely remove reflections and glare. Standard lenses will only dull these reflections, and in fact polarised lenses are the best lenses if you need to stop reflections from bouncing off the water (i.e. when you are fishing, sailing your boat or kayaking…) and are also ideal against the bright white if you are enjoying the snow up at Glencoe or Cairngorms)

Photochromic (Transition) lenses 

These lenses change with the light. Clear when indoors, which then transition your glasses into sunglasses when you step outside into direct sunlight. These lenses can be a good all-round lens especially for those who do not want to change frame when the sun comes out. New technology means these lenses now work even when you’re in your car! It should be noted however that you have no control over when and how much the lens darkens; this can put people off as there are time you don’t want to look like you have sunglasses on.

Mirror tints

These tinted lenses are becoming increasingly fashionable, particularly in blue, green, and rose gold. They are darker than standard lenses, generally transmitting around 5 to 10% of light. These can feel too dark for some patients, so it is as well to try out first.

A Sunny Disposition…

These are just a few of the factors to consider before purchasing your sunglasses. We will give you the best advice on choosing your sunglasses as well as fitting them for you so they are as comfortable. The best advice we can give is to come in and have a look at our collections, and don’t be afraid to try something new! click here to make an appointment.

As mentioned above, it has been sunny in Glasgow. A shock to most but Summer has most definitely arrived…

Three days noo the sun has shone,

‘Ave seen some funny going on,

Doon the street a virus spreads,

Beneath shorts and skirts, milk bottle legs…

The lass next door all a glow,

A wee cherry tomato from top to toe,

Her man appears gives me a laff,

A ghostly sight, his tap is aff,

Am dazzled by reflected glare,

He turns his back, its medium rare.

The lucky few, skin all brown,

Fancying their barra strut aroon,

For all the rest when skin is oot,

The many hues white tae beetroot.

But palest of all they wear a smile,

Glasgow in the sun, can you stay a while?

Cheers now,


Colin Simpson  B.Sc FBCO

Father of 3, Retired Optometrist, Grandpa, Blogger.