Glasses. Ware, Care & Tips

Some expert tips to make your new glasses last as long as possible and a few words of wisdom to help keep them looking sharp!

Cleaning, The Basics

An absolute must. Regular cleaning of the lenses helps to keep them in their optimal state for as long as possible. A bit like brushing your teeth every day.

Use The Right Cloth:
Never use paper towels, tissue, or clothes to clean your lenses – these all have textured surfaces which can scratch your lenses. Our advice? Microfiber Cloths. Check in your glasses case, you should already have one. Need a new one? Just ask!

Lens Cleaner:
Specifically designed for glasses; lens cleaners are an essential piece of kit. Don’t dry wipe – debris and dust can scratch the lens if rubbed with a cloth. And don’t use bleach, vinegar, household cleaners or any other chemical to clean the lenses as these can tear off the lens coating.

Nose Pads:
Nose pads absorb dirt, dust and other natural oils so regular cleaning is essential. If they get really bad, we’ll replace them, FREE of charge!

The Put On / Take Off Procedure: 
It’s true, there is a right way to put your glasses on and take them off – all it requires is for you to use both hands. Only using one hand can misalign your frame, which means they don’t sit correctly which means impaired vision.

Not On Your Head!
Frames stretch and the most common cause of stretching? Resting your frame on your head. See above point for consequences.

Always place your glasses snuggly away in their case. Never rest them down on a surface lens first or place them in bags or pockets as they’ll get stretched. And never leave them on hot surfaces (car dashboard in hot weather) as you’ll probably end up with a bent frame.

One More Thing…
Pop in anytime for a free glasses ‘MOT’. We’ll give your glasses a once over completely FREE of charge and happily offer any tips we have (including on life – we’re here to listen!)

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