FAQs. Please contact us should you have any questions

Q: How often should you have your eyes examined?

A: Adults are generally once every two years, unless you are over 40 with a close family history of Glaucoma, then a yearly check-up is often required. Anyone over the age of 60 should generally be seen once a year.

Q: Do I pay for an eye examination?

A: No. Eye examinations are FREE in Scotland, the costs of eye examinations are covered by the NHS. Only specialist examinations such as contact lens fitting or OCT would there be a charge.

Q: I have a sore or red eye. Should I see my Optometrist or GP?

A: If you have any problem with your eyes, you should see your Optometrist first; as they are eye specialists and have the equipment to properly examine your eyes. Your Optometrist is also able to refer you directly to an eye clinic for an emergency appointment should you require it.

Q: What is OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography)? 

A:  OCT enables your Optometrist to detect evidence of sight threatening conditions in the deeper structure of the eye including Macular Degeneration / Holes, Diabetic Retinopathy and Glaucoma, all of which could be detected and treated up to 5 Years earlier.

Q: Can you tell if I have Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Diabetes?

A: Yes. The eye exam can tell us a lot about your general health and with OCT we can show you any areas which may concern you. We can then advise you on any treatment necessary.

Q: Can I wear contact lenses?

A: Nearly all types of vision, astigmatism, short and long sightedness, can be corrected with contact lenses, even multifocal wearers. If you are interested in trying contact lenses please contact the practice to make an appointment.

Q: Does wearing my glasses make my eyes worse?

A: No. You will find your eyes are more comfortable and you will see more clearly with your glasses on, which means you get used to a higher standard of vision, but this does not mean your eye sight has deteriorated.

Q: What is an AR coating?

A: Anti-reflective coating (“AR coating” or “anti-glare coating”) improves vision, reduces eye strain and makes your eyeglasses look more attractive.

These benefits are due to the ability of AR coating to virtually eliminate reflections from the surface of your lenses. With reflections gone, more light passes through your lenses to optimize visual acuity with fewer distractions (especially at night).