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Myopia Control for Children.

Myopic = Short Sighted = Difficulty seeing in the Distance.

What is Myopia Control?

Put simply, the aim is to stop children becoming more short sighted. If a child of 5 has a prescription of -1.00, the likelihood is they will end up nearer -9.00 as an adult. This can lead to a whole host of problems not least being completely dependent on glasses.

Myopia Control is clinically proven to reduce the progression of short-sightedness. Once myopia has progressed, it cannot be reversed. Its important to act early to ensure any progression is minimal. Here at Simpson Optometrists we now have specialist clinical software which enables us to forecast your child’s myopic progression as they age, this allows you to see the impact early myopia control can have.

Children Vision Specialist.

We are now one of just a few specialist practices in the country able to offer your child Myopia Control. By prescribing either brand new, state of the art MiSight daily contact lenses, individually designed with the dual function of giving clear vision whilst also working to minimise the progression of myopia (short-sightedness). Or by prescribing the worlds first Myopia Control lens for spectacles, Hoya MiyoSmart. Clinical studies in both options shown excellent results in slowing myopic progression.

Children whose parent(s) are short sighted are predisposed to developing myopia and it’s now widely recognised that our modern lifestyle is also having an impact. Increased time spent using computers, tablets & phones, less time outdoors all contribute to this defect.

Thinking practically, the higher the degree of myopia (short-sightedness) the more dependent the person is on their glasses. Yet a greater concern is the fact that any amount of myopia increases the risk of retinal disease. A short-sighted person with a prescription of just -1.00 is twice as likely to suffer a retinal detachment, but for a myope of -6.00, the risk increases to 21 times.

All short-sighted patients are at greater risk of Retinal Detachment, Myopic Maculopathy and Glaucoma. The greater the myopia, the greater the risk.

It’s never too early to bring your child in for an eye exam, especially if you have any concerns about their vision. Click here to arrange their Free Eye Exam.

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