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What is it?

CheckMyVision allows you to check your vision in the comfort of your home, using a PC, Laptop or Tablet.

It uses voice instructions and simple graphics to guide you through a test of your distance and near vision and the number plate test for driving. It then uses an intelligent questionnaire to build up a profile of the your symptoms and history.

CheckMyVision uses intelligent logic to combine the results of your vision tests with the results from the questionnaire. it then creates a personalised report describing your vision including recommendations.

Distance Vision

To measure distance acuity, you will be instructed to stand at 3m from the screen. If you don’t have a tape measure, you can enter your shoe size and CheckMyVision will calculate the number of pigeon footsteps they needed to pace out 3 meters. (Tests have shown that this method is surprisingly accurate!)

After scanning a QR code on the screen. Your mobile phone will become a remote control! Allowing you to perform the test while standing 3 meters away.


Near Vision

Presbyopia is one of the most common visual problems. You will be asked to rate your comfort of vision while viewing text of various sizes with each eye individually.


Personalised Report

At the end of the test, CheckMyVision will create a personalised report taking account of both your vision test results and the information gathered in the questionnaire. At the end of the report, a series of recommendations will be made.

This vision check does not detect all detect all eye problems and cannot monitor the health of your eyes. It is strongly recommended that you have regular eye examinations. It is generally advisable to have your eyes tested at least every two years, or more frequently if advised by your Optometrist.