And The Award Goes To…

Celebrating Excellence: Our Community Optometrist of the Year Award We are ecstatic to announce that we have been honoured with the prestigious Community Optometrist of the Year Award at the national Sight Care Awards 2023/24. This recognition holds immense significance for us, as it symbolises our commitment to providing the highest standard of eye care … Continued

Glasses: Wear, Care & Tips

Glasses. Ware, Care & Tips Some expert tips to make your new glasses last as long as possible and a few words of wisdom to help keep them looking sharp! Cleaning, The Basics An absolute must. Regular cleaning of the lenses helps to keep them in their optimal state for as long as possible. A … Continued

Top Tips for Using Digital Devices

As you read this, your eyes are focused on a digital screen. With lockdown measures leading to a vast majority of the population learning and working from home, we’ve naturally been spending more time on our devices than ever – something that is especially true for children and young professionals. In fact, a recent survey … Continued