Myopia Control; How Can We Help

Myopia Control; How Can We Help? I am standing in front of a statue of William Wallace. I am eleven years old. I cannot read the inscription. I have become short-sighted: Myopic. Do you believe in fate? Perhaps you do, maybe you don’t. However, when this moment happens, two things come into my life which … Continued

It’s a Tricky Business (Children’s Vision)

#2: Confusion in the Pink Room. It’s a tricky Business…. (Children’s Vision) Pa (aged 65) and Molly Mac (aged 5). Molly is going to school in Merryhill, sorry, that’s Maryhill Primary. Pa and Molly are in her room – the pink one. Molly says, “my eyes are blue Pa, not red”. “They’re definitely blue”. “When … Continued