#4 The ‘IN’ Colour and it’s Not Grey (Contact Lenses)

Molly Mac and Pa are in Glasgow Green. In the late October sunshine Molly decides an ice lolly is the best option. We enter the Polish Café

What flavour would you like?”

“Oh, Peach please Pa”  

“Is that your favourite?” 

“Yes Pa, it goes with my dress!”

We get on the train at High Street. The ice is now slowly dripping on to her dress, but on the bright side it is the right colour.

“Pa, my pal Clark wears contact lenses.”

“Is that Clark Kent?”

“NO PA!”

Is it Clark Gable?

“NO PA! Its Clark McKenzie, he has one eye which doesn’t see well.”

“Ah, that will be the best way to get him to use both eyes.”

We leave the train at Bellgrove and walk a little way up the road to her Auntie Jinty where Molly is having a sleepover. As always before she closes her eyes there is a rush of things she has to tell.

“My mummy is going to dress up as a witch for Halloween, she’s going to get green contact lenses to change the colour of her eyes and do you know Pa, I’m going to be Belle, the princess in Beauty and the Beast.”

“Ah, that’s just right for you Molly.

“Pa is Bellgrove station named after Belle?

“I don’t think so, Belle lived in a land far far away.”

“Pa can I get contact lenses?”

“You can if you need them.”

“Can I get peach ones?”

I have a quite smile, I should have seen that coming…..

Notes on Contact Lenses: Contact Lenses are now suitable for almost ALL prescriptions including Multifocals. Available in 1day, 2 weekly and monthly disposable. For some children with a marked difference in prescription in each eye contact lenses are the best option. Contact Lens Trials are FREE and there is no minimum age for fitting children. Sandie, Kim and Ross have a wealth of experience successfully fitting contact lenses, please contact us if you have any questions or make an appointment.