Sports Vision continues to advance rapidly. The difference between success and failure is measured in hundredths of a second or fractions of an inch. Uncorrected visual problems can have a dramatic effect on sporting ability and enjoyment.

Consequently, these advances help with timing, aim, balance and consistency, all of which are affected by your vision. Therefor, someone who can focus quicker, has better depth perception and peripheral awareness will have an edge. Fortunately, we have a variety of sports frames and lenses available which can be used to optimise your sport vision.

Specialist tints can also be added such as high contrast  for Golf or Polarized lenses for Cycling & water sports. New coatings enhance contrast and colour recognition, reduce glare and provide enhanced visual correction.

Sports Vision, We can provide prescription

•  Swimming Goggles    • Scuba Masks    •  Ski Goggles    •  Motorcycle Goggles    •  Cycling Glasses    •  Impact Protection Glasses for Football and Rugby

Our Optometrists will take time to talk you through your different options to ensure you get the most from your sport.