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Contact lenses are now more comfortable and wearable than ever before. With advances in lens technology almost all prescriptions can be corrected, including multifocals.

They are a fantastic alternative to glasses, offering patients a completely new look and greater freedom.

Don’t rule yourself out of wearing contacts because of a complex prescription or pervious discomfort. Advances in contact lenses are amongst the fastest moving in optics so it’s a rare occurrence when we can’t find the perfect lens for you.

Your prescription, eye health, lifestyle and personal choice will determine which lenses are most suitable for you. During your examination, your optometrist will check the health of your eyes and take some measurements. Furthermore, they will guide you through your various lens options in order to recommend the most suitable choice for you.

Children as young as 10 (or younger in some circumstances) can experience the freedom of contact lenses. A child’s maturity and ability to handle lenses responsibly is more important than age alone. Physically, a child’s eyes can tolerate contact lenses and usually adapt well to them. We are now also able to offer your child Myopia Control daily contact lenses.

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