#1. The Happy Bride.

Pa (aged 65) and Molly Mac (aged 5) are on holiday in the Biarritz of the north – North Berwick and talking sunglasses.

“My daddy wears sunglasses at night, playing with his band; it’s to look cool….”

“Hope he doesn’t fall off the stage in the dark!”

“He also uses them in the sun to stops his eyes getting old.”

“Oh, like me you mean?”

“No Pa, your eyes are SPARKLY!”

(I’m thinking it is nice to know that something is still sparkly). “Its true sunglasses can help stop your eyes from becoming cloudy (cataracts) and can prevent degeneration (AMD) and stop the skin around your eyes getting crinkly”

Crinkly…. Like crisps?”


You see, life is not complicated at all and if you want to keep your eyes SPAR-K-LALLY, wear your sunglasses; at least that’s what Molly Mac thinks!
Standard sunglasses with 75% tints should be kite marked and say UV400. Polarised Lenses – are dark lenses which cut out reflections altogether, brilliant for skiing, fishing and water sports. Transitions – offer full UV protection with lenses changing form clear indoors to dark tinted outdoors. Baby Banz- are specially designed for young kids, giving full UV protection.

Not sure where this is going now…. A little while later Molly is up at the window posing in her sunglasses looking out to sea.

“My daddy told me all about the horizon”

“The horizon?! And what can you see on the horizon?”

“Tankers and Cruise ships and fishing boats and oh, I can see the Happy Bride!”

” the happy bride!? And what’s that?”

“it’s a boat Pa!”